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Basically applicable to many for almost all

Maximum comfort and top aesthetics, combined with absolute transparency of the aligner system offer patients first visible results after a short time. And it offers the users a technology that leaves nothing to be desired. There’s almost no limit in the application spectrum. suissealign can therefore be used in almost all dental malposition.

Best results are obtained with the suissealign system in the following cases:

When teeth stand too close to each other

When there are gaps in between your teeth

When upper and lower teeth are not in the correct position to each other

Deep bite
When the upper front teeth cover the lower front teeth

„Mesial" / „distal" bite
When lower teeth lag behind, or, respectively, the upper teeth stand out too far

Open bite
When there is some space between the upper and lower teeth when the jaws are closed

Midline is off
When the midline of the upper and lower teeth fall apart

suissealign reduces the treatment time significantly. A specially designed program for the user enables the orthodontists and dentists a easy and user-friendly handling – from taking the jaw imprint only once to all the necessary steps in between to the finished and immediately applicable suissealign system.

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